Every MSM poll has Trump losing – they have him way behind with “no path to 270” and nearly every independent (non – main street media) poll has Trump way ahead. Hmmm, the numbers do not seem to add up. I suspect the actual numbers are a little closer to 70-85% TRUMP to 20-30% Clinton – Remember those numbers please – and remember you heard them from me. I did not come to these numbers by wishing or dreaming – every independent poll confirms this ratio and every rally shows the TRUE volume of Trump supporters. I believe the Clintons know the real numbers. Most if not all of the MSM polls are fabricated and paid for by the Clintons!! One of the companies on the Clinton payroll is Hart Research Associates – They provide the MSM with fabricated poll numbers – these numbers are then repeated by all the MSM talking heads. Yet the independent polls and simple observation tell us otherwise – I could post hundreds of examples and you too will start to see a pattern –
roughly 65-80% Trump – an easy Trump victory!!!!

The crowds simply do not lie!! Look at all these people.



Compare them to the feeble group at a Hillary rally.


The crowds don’t lie. But Hillary does.

On election day when the MSM will tell you Hillary is winning right up to the laaaaaaast second – BOOM – Trump will win!! You will see that I am right. Trust me.

Do NOT trust the MSM polls DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

William P