Bleeding Heart Liberal City of LA Ignores Thousands of Suffering Homeless

Here we find a great example of what it looks like when people are ignored, hungry and left to rot. This homeless city is located right smack in the heart of THE Liberal Mecca of the United States- Los Angeles California. The people that live and flourish here are worth MILLIONS and the comfortable Fat Cats that live in this sunny Liberal paradise simply ignore the pain and suffering of these people while preaching about how “evil” President Trump is – they will tell you that “there is nothing that can be done, they chose this life”  –

While they are preaching hatred against Trump online – using their $2,400 Apple imac computer – and as they flock to their Trump hating gatherings they literally STEP OVER these suffering people  They will accuse  Trump of ignoring and perpetuating “hatred” and “suffering” – as they drive past the thousands of human bodies. Watch the video and tell me how ANYONE would vote “Democrat” KNOWING that this is how it always winds up with them. Think about it; Tough guy Shia LaBeouf drives past and ignores all of this while on his way to physically attack Trump supporters. He also ignores the THOUSANDS of African Americans being slaughtered in cities like Chicago and every other major US city – all while calling White People “racist”.