Sandra Bernhard said that Women Didn’t Vote for Trump – Their Husbands Forced Them To

Well, according to actress Sandra Bernhard – Women did not vote for Donald Trump. Women in the United States were FORCED to vote for Trump – by their husbands. That’s right, just when you thought the nutty, smelly, violent,  perverted, vulgar, criminal, abortion loving left couldn’t get uglier  – we get this!! Sandra thinks she is insulting a couple of backward, toothless hunchbacks that live in abandoned trailers – Trump voters. She does not realize that she has just insulted ALL women – both left and right. She is saying that “women” are very easily politically controlled by the suggestion of a men. Not the brightest candle in the Menorah – Bernhard doesn’t realize the same could be said for Hillary voters. The wise “People of the Left” with their calm yet convincing tactics may have convinced convinced their “partners” to vote for the  honest, intelligent little lovable fluffball – Hillary. She is such an honest, likable person that it must have been easier to persuade anyone that Hillary is Presidential Perfection and that SHE is the one to vote for.

One could argue that the spouses of the left had an EASIER time convincing their signifiant others to vote for angelic sweetheart Hillary. The Republicans had to persuade, nay – ORDER their wives to vote for Satan!!

Open your eyes Burn Hard and you will see that it wasn’t just a couple dozen brainless, toothless hags that were ordered to vote for Trump by their toxically masculine male husbands – it was MILLIONS of normal, everyday Americans. More Democrats switched parties this past election than ever before in History.  Every time clowns like you and your clan open your mouths you send MORE our way!!!

Keep it up you fucking morons!!! You are more effective than any Republicans commercials!!!