Flashback – A Priceless Collection of Liberal “Hillary is the Loser” Meltdowns

This is a wonderful collection of Liberals showing you exactly how they react to a loss. The parents of a liberal child/teenager/adult child will immediately recognize these tantrums. It is the technique used by the pathetic liberal child to get money and support – every time they deny their liberal child something they will witness the same reactions that you will see here in this video – what we have come to know as: The Meltdown. “The Meltdown” is how Liberals acquire stuff and money from parents, friends and relatives. It is how they advance. “TM” will also be used to try and persuade others – but rarely will a full blown meltdown be deployed – it is usually reserved for monetary payments from parents, friends and relatives to be used for “bail” or “rent” or “a car” etc. Rarely – if ever – do we see the National Synchronized Meltdown an NSM!!!