James Alex Fields Jr was ATTACKED FIRST by ANTIFA / BLM with BASEBALL BATS – was FLEEING!!

The video clip below clearly shows James Alex Fields Jr. driving slowly and CAUTIOUSLY down the road until ANTIFA / BLM attack his car with baseball bats – he then accelerates out of fear for his life!! 

We have all seen the video’s of BLM / ANTIFA in action and already know that ANTIFA / BLM = Masked Violence and Hooded Destruction. Why wasn’t Mr. Fields racing down the street to build maximum acceleration and momentum? It was a clear path – he could have raced down that street like a real killer would have – but he didn’t. Why didn’t he? Because he was leaving the protest and probably using a GPS which led them down this street – just like the other two cars ahead of him.


The ANTIFA/BLM were on that street because they had just been disbursed by the police and the crowd flowed onto this particular street – they rarely care about blocking traffic and are known to block streets and damage property as part of their Standard Operating Procedure. If I were surrounded by masked thugs with bats and they started to attack – I too would be in fear of my life at that point!! You could imagine the sound of the bat hitting the rear fender and hood would be very loud when heard from inside of the vehicle and could even be mistaken as a gunshot. You can see most of the aggressive agitators are holding weapons like bats and rocks and many are wearing helmets. Any sane person would be in fear of his/her life!

We all know that ANTIFA and BLM have a LONG track record of hitting things with baseball bats including people!!! Please remember: The Left has even tried to assassinate a Congressman (Steve Scalese) simply because they are not happy. THEY ARE NOT MESSING AROUND!!! FYI These are the same “pigs in a blanket….dead cops now” groups that were out talking about shooting cops! These people are UN-HINGED and DANGEROUS!!

Yes folks, ANTIFA/BLM has struck again this time it has cost 3 more lives so far and MANY injuries. ANTIFA and BLM have the 2 more dead police officers to add to their growing list – the 2 that were killed when their chopper “went down” = I have my suspicions about this accident, but I will refrain from commenting at this time.

The media will spin this as usual and blame it on the KKK and Trump – but you can rest assured – ANTIFA/BLM will pop up again and again at many different events and there will be one common denominator; Wherever there is violence and anti-American destruction – there is ANTIFA and BLM.

Multiple ads were placed on Craigslist and many Leftist agitators were offered money and bussed in wearing helmets and carrying weapons – Make no mistake about it – these are well financed, well organized Agent Provocateurs – 

Here’s the link – every city has the ads – this is Boston: https://boston.craigslist.org/search/jjj?query=stop%20trump&sort=rel


It is also worth noting that the “Unite the Right” group had obtained the proper permits to be there and BLM / ANTIFA did not have a permit and yet they were there with weapons and helmets.

I wonder why they have weapons and helmets??? 

The Liberal Mayor told the police to ignore BLM / ANTIFA and to “stand down” and this is the reason it took police so long to arrive – they should have been there the minute someone was seen with a baseball bat!!