Surprise!! Millions of Hillary’s Twitter Followers are FAKE!!

Surprise! The Twitter account of Hillary Clinton has (what appears to be a majority) of “fake” twitter followers. Many of the followers are from Russia, Pakistan and Asia. Is there ANYTHING honest or genuine about this creature? Her “followers” are the type you generate by paying someone to populate your “followers” list through sites like Fiverr or Gigbucks. They will increase your followers for a fee. You will notice that the “followers” don’t have real names because they are generated names and they are not actual twitter users.



Just like the election – She depends on FAKE followers to deceive the voting public.
Take a look for yourself –

And in true Clintonian style – accusing others of bad things while you do exactly what you are accusing them of doing –  she has accused Trump of generating fake Twitter followers (Yes, the same Trump that can FILL a stadium with supporters

You couldn’t write this into a movie script due to the fact that is not BELIEVABLE!!!