Please Remind Me: What Exactly did the Russians Do??

Hillary would have had NO votes if not for the purple haired basement dwellers and votes from dead people fraudulently cast their name – The ENTIRE COUNTRY wanted Trump!!!

At a Hillary rally: You may find as few as 200 people
At a Trump rally: 30,000 people would attend with thousands waiting outside unable to enter venue.

FACT – Hillary doing business with Russians is normal – selling them Uranium with millions accepted by her “Clinton Foundation” (She also accepted MILLIONS from Haiti promising to build houses after the Hurricane – the houses were never built. (She DID however purchase a multi-million dollar home for Chelsea!!)

FACT – John Podesta alone took 35 million dollars in unrelated business dealings with the Russians and sits on the board of a company with Russian ties.
Trump: Never took a penny from the Russians for Uranium but has done business all over the World including Russia.

FACT – The DNC and Leftist militants violently intimidated voters and harassed electoral college members.

FACT: Through Obama and the Clinton network, Trump was wiretapped. They admitted it then and now deny it now.


FACT – Hillary supporters intimidated and assaulted Trump voters – EVEN THE ELDERLY WERE ATTACKED SIMPLY FOR WEARING THE M.A.G.A HAT!!!


FACT – Hillary supporters destroyed billions of dollars of Americans property. Police were up against an organized army of militants.


FACT – DNC volunteers destroyed Trump ballots and changed votes to Hillary – election fraud was standard operating procedure for DNC workers. Google it and you can watch hours of video showing it.


FACT: DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of a victory. During the Democratic Primary race one thing is obvious, Bernie Sanders was dominating!! He has won every online poll and has received the most individual campaign contributions as well as very large rallies. We have substantial evidence and reason to believe that Hillary and her campaign were cheating. There are numerous videos exposing the fraud, along with documented cases of polling stations hiding ballots and lying to voters as well as discrepancies in voter tallies .. not to mention the fiasco that happened before the convention with the DNC’s database vendor.

FACT – Through a network of conspirators the debate questions were given to Hillary in advance.

FACT – The MSM created and promoted fake news stories accusing Trump of everything from Pedophilia to rape to fraud to treason to cocaine addiction (remember the sniffing comments) and more.


FACT: Post election “news” channels (the MSM) continued the propaganda assault with increased intensity.

FACT: Post election DNC workers continued to conspire and destroy collecting data and engaging in illegal activity – Hillary supporters riot and close down sections of major US cities with funding from foreign donors like George Soros.


Please remind me – What exactly did the Russians do ???