Richard Pryor’s Son “Mason” Gets BOOED OFF STAGE for doing Trump / Russia Jokes – IN HARLEM!!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. The son of comedy royalty Richard Pryor – Mason Pryor – made his television debut recently and he focused on making fun of Donald Trump thinking the audience was a bunch of fools. He must listen to CNN all day because he focused on “The Russians” – He was probably thinking “I’ll do my Trump / Russian collusion jokes and i’m gonna kill it!”   Well – ain’t nobody got time for that!!!  CNN would have you believe that all African Americans HATED Trump. I guess Mason found out that this is not true – the hard way!

People at the Apollo theatre in HARLEM are simply not the Trump hating crowd that Mason counted on. The only thing missing was some “Hillary is great” jokes – I think the crowd would have hit him with eggs and tomatoes.

Suggestions; Don’t be a hater Mason and stop doing jokes based on  fake news and next time (if there is a next time) maybe you won’t be such an embarrassing fool!! Even Steve Harvey was cringing. It is a VERY painful episode to experience – and yet unforgettable, like a broken ankle. I heard Mason will be writing a book titled What Happened – at the Apollo?”  He is apparently blaming his embarrassing performance on “Russian hacks” and a dumb audience with “no sense of humor.”

Mason – you learned a very valuable lesson; fake news ain’t funny. Now get yo ass off stage!!!