Senator Chuck Schumer has NO TEARS for AMERICAN Children

Senator Chuck Schumer seems to be all tears when it comes to allowing people into the country. He seems to be dry on tears when it comes to the deaths of African American children and adults in NYC and Chicago. A slap in the face to those that live their lives in amidst this violence on a daily basis. Also a slap in the face to the families of children killed in NYC due to neglect by Child Services. Lax oversight and egregious neglect by the New York city’s Administration for Children’s Services contributed to the brutal deaths of eight children in 13 months. No tears from Chuck – he was busy scouring the globe looking for a Muslim child who might have missed his flight or might have been inconvenienced by American immigration law.

Chuck is basically saying that American lives don’t matter or he would have shed a tear for them long ago – being closer to home and all. But murder of children here in the USA is really not something that Senator Chuck Schumer gets emotional about. There really is no need to find people from the other side of the globe Chuck – you can find children to cry about right here in the USA – they are being shot and stabbed many are beaten to death. Why would you jump to the rescue of a child who is REQIUIRED to obey long established laws rather than a bleeding, dying black child – a victim of normal life in the ghetto. Nice Chuck – real nice. African Americans PLEASE take note of this – you have been passed by. Chuck Schumer will never shed a tear for YOUR murdered children.