IT’S BOYCOTT TIME!! The NFL Hates America: 9 Pieces of Proof

Contrary to what dishonest leftists, the media, and the NFL want you to believe, when you are at work, no one, including a bunch of crybaby football players, has the right to express themselves. (I thought about adding Terry Bradshaw to that list, but he might just be dumb.) For a number of very good reasons, employers have a wide variety of rights when it comes to controlling the behavior of their employees. Almost all of us work for employers who, at least while we are on the clock, control what we say, what we do not say, how we dress, how we present ourselves, and how we can (or cannot) express ourselves — not just politically, but in every way…………….

Call the NFL at 212-450-2000 and speak your mind!

Let them have it, patriotic football fans ……..and don’t forget to let the sponsors know too!!!