Things Libtarded Communist Say – Compared to REALITY!! The ULTIMATE MIND FUCK!!!

Commie-leftard Liberals say the darndest things don’t they? Here are a few of the most popular chants that are likely to be regurgitated by militant leftist wingnuts. Go to any rally or watch any Youtube video of the “militant” provocateurs and you will hear them chanting things like…………….

“Black Lives Matter”while thousands of black people are shot and killed in Chicago and other major US cities – shot by other black people.
“Peaceful Protest” while they beat up and intimidate Trump supporters and destroy property. 


“Russia hacked the election” – while it was Hillary and DNC operatives that actually hacked the election stealing the election from Bernie Sanders. They also hacked voting machines in 5  states before getting caught by patriotic US intel agents who were watching the votes change from “Trump” to “Clinton” in real-time and were changing them back to Trump!! The DNC OPERATIVES attempted to steal 11 states total from Donald Trump. DHS agents hacked into the Georgia voting machines and were caught by state agents.

“Trump has made deals with the Russians” – while Hillary sold MASSIVE amounts of Uranium to the Russians and she actively defends globalization.


“He Will Not Divide Us”while they actively mobilize militants to commit assaults, cause property damage and divide us.


“Trump is racist” – while they violently attack white people for supporting Trump and being white.


“Corporations are EVIL”while millions of Libtards have been known to camp out overnight to get the new Apple i-Libtard device – They will also drive around in a brand new Toyota Prius all the while bashing big corporations. It is very common for the brainwashed Communist Libtard to make certain exemptions for themselves while bashing you.  It is interesting to note that Castro once wore TWO Rolex watches just after denouncing capitalism in a public speech and you KNOW he wasn’t copying Michael Moore because Millionaire Mike wasn’t even born yet!!


“You CANNOT silence us” –  while they VIOLENTLY SILENCE YOU on the streets and they spew “fake news” and propaganda from the television!!


“Chidren are Traumatized by Trumps Immigration policy” – while they have been known to send armed soldiers with machine guns to grab a toddler for violating immigration law. 



What are you going to tell us today Libtards!!??!!